Introducing Apex

Apex lets you build powerful MVVM applications for WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 fast. Get the Apex SDK and accelerate your development now!

New Feature: Apex 1.5 features two new project templates, the Zune Style Application Template for WPF and Silverlight - see the Silverlight version in action!

Nuget: Get Apex on Nuget!

Install the Apex SDK Now!

The Apex SDK includes the core binaries, samples, documentation, file and project templates for Visual Studio and extensions that make building Apex powered application a breeze! Get the latest version of the SDK now.

Top Features

  • A robust MVVM library that provides ViewModels, Commands, Asynchronous Commands.
  • A powerful set of extension classes which provide added functionality to the .NET Framework.
  • Powerful controls for Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone 7.
  • Visual Studio Extensions that help with common tasks.
  • Project templates to help you get started - for example the Zune Style Application Template for Silverlight and WPF

Getting Started

The Getting Started Guide has videos and documentation on how to get started with Apex.



Having problems using the Apex Project Templates? Check the page Using the Templates for help!

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